Tips to Use Google Search Console SEO Expert Advice

Google Search Console is widely used by SEO experts and other website professionals for various reasons. It is a powerful tool to improve SEO as well as Google rankings. It is not something that we just agree; these are words by top SEO experts along with proofs why the tool is highly essential for your website. In this article, we shall cover some of the best tips to use Google Search Console that are shared by top SEO professionals.

Most businesses forget or neglect to use this information on their website and blame the internet for not generating traffic on their website. You surely need a Google Search Console well ran by an expert’s advice to bring more visitors to your website.

Top Tips to Use Google Search Console SEO Expert Advice:

1. Find the correct keywords:

You will need to make your website dependant on the correct keywords for helping Google Search Console perform better. For instance, you can check how your keywords are performing by clicking on the ‘performance’ tab.

2. Use interaction:

Regular checking how your users and visitors are reacting on your website is highly important too. There are reports in the form of graphs that can be extracted to check the total clicks, impressions, average CTR, and the position where your website stands. Google Search Console helps you with detailed reports and features of these.

3. Page rankings:

Your performance report will also show you average position or rankings where our website stands compared to your competitors after using keywords. The average means the sum of all rankings divided by the total number of keywords used in the website.

4. Check the pages in Google’s Index:

The ‘Coverage’ report states how your site on the Google is indexed. This has to be done to ensure that your site is listed well and indexed well so that there are no duplicate entries. Generally, it may take some hours for Google to accept your request, crawl through your website, and register/add it to its index.

5. Use sitemap:

We hope you have a sitemap that can help you submit to Google Search Console and make it easier for the tool to crawl your site. Even if you have published any new pages on the website, Google would come to know about it.

6. Mobile friendly pages:

Google Search Console makes it convenient for you to check mobile usability and mobile friendliness of your website. With features like ‘mobile first indexing’ and ‘mobile usability’, you can easily track and fix any errors.

7. Links to other sites:

With the help of ‘Links’, the report shows you all the relevant backlinks of your site and the ‘more’ option helps you view all the inbound links too. These help you to check the other pages that have the maximum links.

There are more tips to follow and adhere to if you are serious about your SEO rankings on Google. The more advanced you get, he more you will use data to beat competition.

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