Is Digital Marketing Really helpful for online businesses?

Digital marketing is a collection of methods to increase sales, build customer lists and grow the business.

For an online business, marketing online is the main or only way to promote the business to potential customers and existing ones. India become second largest economy in the world so every business need online presence provide digital marketing services to promote Indian business on the web. For offline businesses, promoting online is useful but not every business puts a full effort into it.

What is Digital Marketing, Really?

Pure play online concerns need to up their digital marketing game. For most, they do a fairly poor job. The main reason for this is because there’s a fundamental misunderstanding about what digital marketing aka internet marketing actually is. So, let’s get that out the way first…

Digital marketing simply put means marketing on the internet. Businesses and solopreneurs tend to understand the idea of putting up a website but forget or absentmindedly ignore the ‘marketing’ aspect.

Lazy Marketing vs Innovative Marketing

If you think about it, search engine optimization (SEO) can be referred to as lazy marketing. This is because other than building the occasional links from another related site to your own, most website owners just sit with the site and hope for the best.

If it’s a new site, they’re prepared to sit waiting for Google to deign to release the site from the Google sandbox when it will then be ranked appropriately. Site owners wait 6-8 months for the sandbox period to end and don’t, as a rule, consider other forms of traffic generation or active marketing to drive visitors to the site that hasn’t received any Google love yet.

We’re All Marketers Now

Whether developing a pure play website or one that supports an offline or bricks ‘n’ mortar business, using digital marketing to both promote the brand and what it offers is crucially important.

Marketers – and every business owner should see themselves that way until they can employ professionals to do it for them – need to shake off the mindset that SEO and getting free organic traffic is all they can do. That’s simply not true.

Generating Your Own Traffic

Traffic leaking is a foreign concept to many. The idea within digital marketing is when you don’t have traffic; go to sites that have some. Then provide value in the form of useful content with a link to your website or a linked article or video on your site that will be helpful.

People appreciate being helped. They value the useful tips and often click through to see what else is available in the same ilk. Using this process which can be anything from blog comments to guest posts to forum posts, traffic is leaked from other websites to your own. A totally unrelated activity that’s not affected by future Google algorithm business idea

Brand Building 101

There are so  many digital marketing companies which provide brand building and ORM services in Chandigarh hpsangha one of SEO company which deal with ORM and build your brand on web. Build a brand by helping people doesn’t have to just happen on the main website. YouTube videos can provide value and include a link in the description to your website for viewers to find out more information. Guest posts on industry blogs can share fresh ideas and introduce your brand to more people. It’s just a matter of being willing to try different digital marketing ideas and not rely on one thing for all your traffic needs. Digital marketing is far more versatile than people imagine it is.